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After putting in countless hours, nurturing relationships and bringing on employees to your thriving business that your community trusts—you may be facing a difficult decision. Maybe you are ready for the next chapter—either onto a new endeavor or perhaps taking the step into retirement. You need a plan and a strategy that will honor the company that you’ve put so much time, attention and care into building. Fire Equipment Inc would like to help ease your decision.

The FEI option will honor your legacy while respecting your employees. You will not be approached by a broker or a third-party on our behalf. Our Acquisitions are led by FEI Executives who understand how to value a fire protection company. As a family owned and operated business since 1928, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss and see if FEI is the right fit for your next step.

To get started, fill out the confidential form on this page. Your response will go straight to our Chief Operating Officer who will personally reach out to you to discuss the next steps. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and we will demonstrate why we have become the leading fire protection provider for New England.

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