FEI Connect™

24/7 Monitoring Service

Identifying a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum.  That's why FEI Connect™ is a vital component to your overall fire protection system. 

About FEI Connect™

FEI Connect™ monitoring service provides reliable protection 24/7, even when you're not there. 

  • First Responders will be notified immediately and will respond quickly saving lives.
  • Potentially saves you thousands of dollars in property damage from a fire. 
  • Warns you if something is faulty with your fire alarm system, sprinklers, and/or other life safety systems.
  • Meets fire code requirements.
  • UL Listed central monitoring station with 24/7 coverage and full backup protection for the central station.

Features of FEI Connect™

Alerts to fire department, owner and FEI
  • Signal sent if fire or smoke detection is activated. 
Alerts to owner and FEI
  • Fire Alarm Trouble Indicator: alert for performance and maintenance issues.
  • Fire Supervisory: alert if system is disabled and/or needs resetting.
  • Low Battery: alert sent if the fire alarm panel battery is at less than optimum voltage.
  • Power Failure: critical alert for power failure; usually means fire monitoring needs backup power to function. 
  • Sprinkler/Tamper Monitoring Signals: alerts owner if sprinkler system is violated or tampered with. 

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